Power Liss BTX Technology is an organic treatment system, completely natural with no chemicals. This unique treatment allows moisturize, reconstruct, relax and straighten the hair, providing the flexibility of offering more than one treatment in one aplication.

Formaldehyde and carbocisteine​​ free, it can be used
in pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children. Power Liss BTX Technology is the best option to make a diference in your beauty salon.

Technology: Miamon Cosmetics has developed with a renowned Swiss laboratory, a special formula based on natural extracts
to reconstruct and straighten the hair.
The principal component is hyaluronic acid, a powerful regenerating agent, which is responsible for softening cortex keratin, leaving hydrated and straight hair.

Other components of Power Liss BTX Technology are Argan and Dmae, with conditioning properties, which will provide the extreme hair softness and shine; and Chondroitin Marino acts as a moisturizer and reconstructor on the hair fiber.



Hyaluronic Acid

It is an essential component of human skin, used in medicine toxin as a facial filler. Power Liss BTX Technology was converted bringing it to a pH of 0,1 – 0,3, which enables through its keratin encapsulated nanoparticles penetrates the cortex, softening keratin hair fiber, reconstructing hair, restoring elasticity and silkiness.

Argan Extract

Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, similar to the composition of our skin. Strengthens hair providing light weight and incredible silkiness. It has antioxidants that strengthen and restructure the hair fiber, improving elasticity, eliminating frizz and providing gloss.

Marine Chondroitin

Chondroitin sulfate is the element that forms the structure of the ground substance of connective tissue. Marine chondroitin is obtained from shark cartilage. It works moisturizing, reconstructing and fortifying the hair.

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