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Making the decision to become a Miamon distributor can be profitable for many individuals, especially if you distribute Miamon’s star product line, Liss Expert Professional. In fact, here we guide you through the steps you must take to become a distributor. 

1. Fill out the form to contact Miamon Cosmetics and ask for more details about a distribution agreement.

2. Read over and sign the agreement Miamon sends to you. As a matter of fact, the deal will act as a permit for you to sell or distribute our products, such as the Liss Expert Professional line.

3. Enjoy our online or live training sessions to learn more about the products. Indeed, Miamon Cosmetics offers this as it will give you the knowledge needed to inform consumers about the product and promote sales.

4. Choose a location where you can effectively sell and market the products, such as your shop or hair salon. We will ask you about your marketing and selling intentions before sending you a distribution agreement, so you need to have a plan for selling the products.

Additional pieces of advice as you become a distributor

It is advisable that you develop some type of business plan. Keep track of any start-up costs involved with distributing these hair care products, even if you already have a fully operating business. In your plan, write out and identify ways of reaching the target market for the products and marketing and selling the line you’re distributing.

Additionally, create another plan for displaying and promoting the products you want to sell. Please, feel free to ask us for marketing and display materials. As an authorized seller, we will provide you with unique displays and informational packets to help promote the products. These promotional products will also inform clients that you are an authorized seller of Miamon Cosmetics.


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