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This lightweight oil harnesses the powerful properties of argan to deliver amazing moisture, silkiness and shine to your hair, skin and nails.



Argan Oil

The benefits of argan oil:

  • Promotes hair growth, helping to grow healthy and strong hair.
  • Hair becomes more malleable and repairs elasticity.
  • Helps detangle hair, easier to brush.
  • Hair becomes silky and shinier.
  • Repairs damaged and dry hair.
  • Hydrates in-depth and prevents frizz.
  • Fight dandruff by hydrating the scalp.
  • Moisturizes dyed hair, making it soft and shiny.
  • Regulates the sebaceous glands of the scalp for oily hairs.
  • Repairs and hydrates split ends.

Apply a couple of drops to the hair when it is slightly damp. It will help you brush and give it shine and softness.

Mix a few drops of argan oil with our conditioner or shampoo, adding the properties of argan oil to our products.

Presentation: 50 ml.

3 uses of argan oil

  • Hair: brings glow, softness, hydration, and protection from external aggressions.
  • Skin: Provides luminosity, hydration, and velvety texture.
  • Nails: Offers strength and growth.


Aceite de Argán

  • Nace un pelo sano y fuerte.
  • El pelo se vuelve sedoso y con más brillo.
  • Repara el pelo dañado y seco.
  • Combate la caspa.
  • Hidrata los pelos teñidos.
  • Regula los pelos grasos.
  • Repara.

Aplicar un par de gotas sobre el cabello cuando está un poco húmedo le dará brillo.

Mezclar unas gotas de aceite de argán con nuestro acondicionador o champú, sumandole las propiedades del aceite de argán a nuestros productos.

Presentacion: 50 ml





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